Get Involved

Want to get involved with our class?

Host a Mini Reunion – have some classmates over for a glass of wine; go to lunch; go to an art gallery or museum; walk around Lake Waban or in the park; you can even skype a mini!

Volunteer for our upcoming 20th Reunion - please contact Heidi Curtiss or Amanda (Gibson) Gordon, our Reunion Co-Chairs, at or if you are interested in volunteering.

Residence Hall Committee - Creates a welcoming atmosphere at class headquarters (Shafer). The main duties would include residence hall decorating; setting up and/or manning the welcome table and passing out insignia. You get to greet our classmates as they arrive. 
Friday, June 7
one hour shifts available from 1-5pm (volunteer with a friend!)

Social Hour Committee - Organizes and executes the social hour 5-6pm on Friday evening (ie. program, decorations, signature drink, etc.) with the help of the reunion chairs.
Friday, June 7, 4:30-6:
30pm social hour

Run for a class officer position -  please contact Farrah Berse, our Class President, at if you are interested in running.

President - The president shall call and preside over executive board meetings. The president shall remain informed of College and Alumnae Association activities and organize methods for disseminating that information to classmates. In consultation with the executive board, the President may appoint chairs of other committees not specifically described in this Constitution as shall be needed to fulfill the business of the Class, including website chair, newsletter chair, and other positions as needed. In consultation with the executive board, the president shall fill any vacancies in the executive board and shall serve ex officio on all class committees except the nominating committee. The president is responsible for submitting an annual report to the WCAA.

Vice President - The vice president directs the mini reunion program and may appoint regional and state volunteers to assist with the implementation of this program. The vice president shall, in the event of the absence, disability, or resignation of the president, perform the duties of the president.

Secretary - The secretary shall preserve all minutes of class and executive board meetings, copies of publications, and documents of importance to the class, and shall perform other duties pertaining to that office. She shall prepare class notes for the Wellesley magazine, according to the schedule and guidelines published by the magazine staff, currently four times per year.

Treasurer - The treasurer shall send out dues notices, receive class funds, and disburse class funds in accordance with her duties. She shall submit an annual financial report to the class president and WCAA.  In addition, she must annually file with the IRS following the guidelines provided by the WCAA and ensure that the class adhere to all regulations governing non-profit 501 (c) (3) organizations.


Wellesley Fund Representative - The Wellesley fund representative shall serve as the fundraising officer for the class. In that capacity, she shall work with the Wellesley fund office in encouraging classmates to make an annual gift to the College.